What is Mesotherapy and how it works?


Mesotherapy is basically a procedure in which there is use of injections to rejuvenate and tighten the skin and also to remove excess fat . The injection usually consists of hormones , vitamins
and enzymes . Mesotherapy for hair is also very popular

Main Uses Of Mesotherapy
1.Used to remove unwanted fat from problematic areas like thighs , stomach ,
buttocks , hips , legs and face .

  1. Tightening of the skin – to reduce the amount of wrinkles on the face
  2. Reduce cellulite and recontour the body
    4.Treat Alopecia which is actually a condition which causes a lot of hair loss

What do the injections contain ?

The injections basically contains,
● Medicines like vasodilators and

● Hormones basically like calcitonin
and thyroxine
● Herbal Extracts
● Minerals and Vitamins
● Enzymes like collagenase

Basically your cosmetologist will use fine needles and inject them into the
middle layer of the skin which is also known as mesoderm , the basic
purpose of mesotherapy is to improve circulation and inflammation
that usually causes skin damage .

Mesotharapy for face

Before and After Mesotherapy

There are many benefits for having
mesotherapy for face

●It provides you with a glowing skin
●Your skin stays hydrated after this procedure
●Your skin is provided with high concentration of vitamins and minerals which is really good for
the skin
●It will help you to reduce wrinkles and lines on your face

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Mesotherapy for hair

Alopecia is a disease in which a person has a lot of hair loss . Most of the people
who have done mesotherapy for hair have reported that after having these
injections the blood circulation to their hair follicles has increased and the hair
follicles are getting the proper nutrients which is causing them to grow back .
Not only for alopecia if you are suffering from hair loss due to some other
problems you can try this method it will provide you with a long term effect .

Price of mesotherapy in India

Price of Mesothearpy depends on various aspects, different bodyn parts cost different.

Let us know in comment which mesotherapy you want and we will tell you the estimate price

Side Effects and Risks

It can usually cause

  • Bruise
  • Swelling
  • Rashhttps://www.healthline.com/health/bruise
  • And also bumps on the site of injection

Comparison between
Liposuction and Mesotherapy

● The main difference between mesotherapy and liposuction is that
mesotherapy is a non surgical procedure
● Although liposuction is considered more effective but it usually takes a
person 6 weeks to recover from it

● Mesotherapy is not as invasive compared to liposuction
●It’s much cheaper compared to liposuction


Mesotherapy is shown to have promising results for skin and hair
problems but research in depth is still going on for its effectiveness in burning
fat . It is always better to consult a cosmetologist before signing for this procedure .

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