Before starting my review on this movie , I would like to mention to you
guys that I am not going to speak about nepotism in my review , I just
believe that if a content is worth watching and we could learn something
from it so it doesn’t matter who is in the cast of the movie .

Gunjan Saxena – The Kargil Girl is based on the true story of pilot Gunjan
Saxena and she is an Indian Air Force (IAF) officer and former helicopter
pilot. She joined the IAF in 1994 and is a 1999 Kargil War veteran. She is
the only woman to be part of the Kargil War,making her the first woman IAF
officer to go to war (also listed as “first woman to fly in a combat zone”).She
is the first of two women along with Flight Lieutenant Srividya Rajan from
the IAF to enter a war zone flying Cheetah helicopters. One of her main
roles during the Kargil War was to evacuate the wounded from Kargil,

transport supplies and assist in surveillance. She would go on to be part of
operations to evacuate over 900 troops, both injured and deceased, from
Kargil. In 2004, after serving as a pilot for eight years, her career as a
helicopter pilot ended.
I personally feel this movie teaches a great lesson to women and men
regarding women empowerment. I am sure many girls from India can relate
with me about how hard it is for women to live their lives and achieve their
dreams in our country . This movie has a great message in which Gunjans
father mentions this when his son is making fun of his sister’s dream to
become a pilot , that it doesn’t matter if a girl or guy is flying the plane both
of them are called pilots eventually .
A women is allowed to see dreams too , and think about having a career ,
according to our society a womens job is only to get married and have kids
and take care of her family , Now the world is changing and our society
also needs to learn that women are as much as capable as men and we
can give competition to men in any field .
Men also can learn from this movie that they should always support the
women in their life to follow their dreams , their concern regarding their
daughters and sisters is justified but now the world is changing and women
should be allowed to follow their dreams .

So I really recommend you guys to watch this movie as it shows the
struggle of a woman in a man’s world and despite facing so many problems
and difficulties she managed to make her name and excel in her field .
Movies like this encourage our current youth to believe in themselves and
makes us realise that women are as much as capable and they should be
given the opportunity to follow their dreams

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