Keratin Treatment for Hair

Hair are the most important part of our appearance and everyone is really concerned regarding how their hair looks, especially girls. Other factors are also important and for that check How to get clear skin
Our hair requires nourishment and treatments to keep them healthy .
Everyone is not blessed with having beautiful hair but in today’s world there are many ways
possible for your hair to look good at all times and one of those ways is through keratin treatment for hair.

What is Keratin ?

Keratin is a structural protein which is naturally present in our hair , skin and nails .
Keratin basically provides strength to our hair and makes it stronger.
Due to exposure from external factors like sun,pollution or chemicals keratin in our hair gets depleted and this
leads to dull and damaged hair.

How is the Keratin treatment for hair is done

Keratin Treatment for Hair is basically a chemical treatment that makes your frizzy hair smooth and shiny ,there are different versions of keratin
treatment (Brazilian Blowout, Cezanne,Goldwell Kerasilk) , you can refer with your hairstylist which version is better
for your hair type and then go with it.
Most versions of the treatment release formaldehyde when heated but that is not much dangerous for your hair as the
main purpose of keratin treatment is to inject your hair follicles with keratin which makes your hair appear healthier .

The procedure begins with

1.Washing your hair

Wash your hair

Wash your hair with only shampoo to remove all the dirt and oil from your hair.Wash it real good and do not use conditioner or anything after that
If you have long or curly hair then might wash in sections to cover each and every part of your head.
After you are done with shampoo then wash your head and remove all knots making hair separate

2.Dry your hair

Dry your Hair

Make them dry first by tower and then use Blowdryer to remove all the moisture from your hair and to make them dry. Make sure you dry them real good before going to another step

3.Application of keratin solution

Applying Keratin

Wear your gloves and start. Take Keratin in a bowl and use hair brush.Clip your hair and start with the leftouts.
We will suggest you to divide in parts and start after that.
Most importantly-Be patience for Keratin treatment for hair
After this hair is left to set with the solution for almost 30 to 40 minutes

4.Another round of blow dry

Now you have to make hair completely dry by hairdryer.Dry it on medium heat and slowly all over

5.Straightning of hair with a flat iron

Straight your Hair

This is really critical part which will decide everything. You have to use straightener to seal the keratin solution.
We will suggest you to pre heat the straightener and heat it good , not less then 400 otherwise the results will not be the best.
Make sure all hair get straight. You can divide them in parts and then do straight so that it will be organised

Remember there will be fumes and it can irritate your eyes, So make sure room is properly ventilated or do it in open space.

Keratin treatment before and after

Rules recommended to follow after treatment

1.Dont wash your hair for 48 hours

  • No tieing of your hair into a pony or putting your hair behind your ears
  • Although your hair will become more manageable but still you need to take extra care of your hair if you want the treatment to last for a longer time
  • Use Sulfate and Sodium free shampoo as they dissolve keratin and remove it from your hair .

How Long the Treatment Lasts ?

The Treatments usually lasts for 6 months but it actually depends upon your hair texture so it can be different for everyone .

Is Keratin different from Rebonding ?

Yes they are completely different procedures as keratin only makes your hair shiny and smooth and doesn’t change the chemical structure of your
hair like in rebonding , that’s why keratin actually makes your hair look more natural .

Few things to remember if you are doing Keratin treatment for hair

1-If you want to colour your hair then colour before Keratin and not after.
2-Try to do ironing part in some open space
3-If you have some event to attend then do Keratin atleast 4 days before

Cost of Keratin Treatment for Hair

This question have different answers.

If you choose to do treatment in saloon then price can range from 4000 RS TO 8000 RS Depending on saloon which you are choosing.

If you choose to do it at home then you can save few thousand and price can range from 1000 RS to 3000RS

But if it your first time we will suggest you do it in saloon for better results

Hope you like this article and it will be helpful for you.

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