Increase Height Illusion

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First thing first- if ladies out there are reading this blog then height size is irrelevant to anything else How should we increase height illusion?This is the question which we often hear apart from How to loose weight fast So here i am giving you some assured tips to make yourself look taller.

Just like me i am sure lot of us are pretty nervous about our height because basically we are not the tallest in the game.Sometimes having short height is little bit awkward just imagine putting your girl on shoulders and she still cannot see anything.

And we do not have solution to increase height but we have solution to make you look more taller and attractive

So lets jump right to it.

1- Fitting is the key for Looking taller

I know that you have heard it almost all the times but believe me it is the key
Just in case you are not convinced then look here

Increase height Illusion

The same as this picture baggy styles will mnake you look smaller, even it is in fashion sometimes or you are a fan of kanye west please ignore it

> try to wear ankle jeans or trousers
> Shirt sleeves should not go past your wrist
> Overcoat or jacket should never go down your veist

2-Use dark colors to make illusion

> Always avoid lighter color pants or trousers, i will say again ALWAYS
Because in most cases short guys have shorter legs and that is what you do not want to highlight in you

> Try to wear dark colors for example dark blue, Black etc

Dark colour will make you look taller

3- Do not be too bulky

If you want to look taller then you must look vertically taller and horizontally stretched

>So this is tips for guys who love to go to gym.Everyone love to have big arms and want to look good in t shirt

But getting lot of bulk will make you look broad and will show you short. instead try to have slim and muscular body

gain muscles not weight

4- Illusion always works

You need to create an illusion when you wear shirts

> Always wear vertical stripes, never horizontal one

Check Shirts

>If you are wearing check shirts then go for small checks rather the big checks

5- Last but not the least -Being short is not a thing which should lower your confidence, you should just carry yourself with confidence and automatically you will have an aura

Here are celebrities how are less then average height

1-Height of Salman Khan in feet- 5 Feet 9 inches

2-Height of Alia Bhatt in feet- 5 Feet 1 inch

3-Height of Amir Khan in feet- 5 Feet 4 inches

4-Height of Neha Kakkar in feet- 4 Feet 10 inches

5- Height of Sushant Singh Rajpoot- 5 Feet 10 inches

What should be Height to Weight Ratio?

These are ideal Height to Weight ratio for male and female.

Height to weight Ratio

Hope this post is useful for you and we will be glad if it will help you in any manner.

Please write on comment section if you will have any doubts,questions or suggestions.

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