How to sleep fast?

How to sleep fast

Sometimes getting a good sleep seems impossible and you just keep on turning right and left even at 3 AM
Keeping in mind how important sleep is at night, you also know that it is also very important factor for your mental health.
Mostly sleepless nights are results of your daily routine So it is always a question that how to sleep fast?

There are many factors which can give you sleepless nights like stress, mood, heart health etc.
but by changing some habits and adapting following things you can have baby sleep.

1-Biological sleeping cycle.

Biological sleeping cycle.

Your body has particular biological cycle and it is designed to sleep at night and working in day time.
Syncing your body’s natural cycle is the most important thing to sleep better.
And if you think that sleeping same hours in day is the same as night then you are completely wrong.
Sleeping in day time will not cover the hours which you haven’t slept at night.

Here are following tips which you can adapt to maintain your biological sleeping cycle.

1-Sleeping and waking up same time everyday will make your body discipled and after 21 days your body by itself will start sleeping at the same time. Even you will not need an Alarm and your body will wake up as you will train it

2- If you are a party person on weekends then try to have a small nap on daytime on weekend, because it will maintain your same hour cycle of your body.
But this also comes with precautions, Do not sleep too close to night time as then you will not be able to sleep at night and do not take a nap more then 30 minutes on day time. However if you are travelling and want to take a small nap while travelling then Inflatable Car beds are the best option for you
Keep in mind you have to take Nap, you don’t have to go to hibernation.

3- If you are doing early dinner then Avoid sleeping just after dinner because then you will be waking up later at night.



It is pretty simple logic the more you will be tired the more you will sleep good.
But sometimes tiredness can be of different kind , you can also be tired by working on laptop all day and will not be able to sleep at night.
In this case exercise is really important to have better sleep just it should not be too close to bed as hormones after that will not let you sleep sometimes.
You can try Yoga or meditation while going for sleeping.

If you want to just do exercise at home then check BEST EXERCISE HOME CYCLE IN INDIA

3-Light Game

Light game is really important to have better sleep as our eyes are very sensitive onwards light during night specially.

During the day be in light as much as you can , even if you are working from home try to sit where there is sun.
Try to have at least deep breath facing the sun when you wake up.
Open all the curtains of your room and let the light enter, It will refresh your body and your mood as well.

Night time.
During night close the lights as much as you can. If you are afraid to close all lights and you want to sleep fast as well then you can use Eye Mask.
Now a days there are different eyes masks available in market, even with soothing gel inside them.

Avoid watching late night television as blue light from screen will take your sleep away.
If you are use to watch your phone while sleeping try to avoid it, instead you can lie down and think about tomorrow and can thank to god thinking how lucky you are.
In case you wake up at night then DO NOT WATCH YOUR PHONE. I repeat again never watch your phone when you wake up at night, even not the notifications because after that it will be very hard to sleep.

4-Eating and Drinking before bed.

This point plays a very important role as it will directly effect your sleep. There are foods and drink which can help you sleeping better and there are products which can take your sleep away.

Food and Drink you should have before sleep

1-Chamomile tea– It is traditionally used tea specially for sleep because of its sedative property

2-Ashwagandha tea– The tea is having relaxing power which will make your mind relax and let you sleep good

3-1 Cup Almond milk– Healthy to drink at night and will make your body relaxed

Food and drink not to have before bed

1-Caffeine- Caffeine in any way either as smoking or as coffee is enough to make you awake all the night, So start avoiding any kind of caffeine before 4 hours of sleep at least
2-Heavy food at night- It will give you the feeling of fullness and undigested food can give you a lot discomfort while sleeping
3-Lot of water- Do not drink lot of water at night as it will cause you to go to bathroom and will disrupt your sleep.

5-Learn How to start sleeping fast.

Stop Working or study late night -Don’t work or study late night as you will be more productive if you will start working or studying after a good sleep

Take Deep breath-If you are again not able to sleep then after 20 minutes take some deep breaths, open the window and take some fresh oxygen in your lungs.

Find comfortable position-Find the most comfortable position for you, try few positions and find in which position you are comfortable in.

6-Clear your Head

Clear your Head

It sounds very simple but it is kind of talent. Just tell us how many times you go to bed but cannot able to sleep?

It is for sure the most important thing which you should do if you want to sleep good. Just stop your thoughts right away because if you will keep on thinking it will connect from Dots to dots and at one point you will not be able to sleep
But now you will say how to just clear my mind? So we will give you some best tips to do that.

Go to bed with a Goal

When you will go to bed you must have it in your mind that you want to sleep now, It will stimulate your brain and brain will release proper hormones to sleep

Make image in your mind

This is very traditional way but it always work, Just make image in your mind of sheeps jumping and start counting sheeps.

If it is not working for you then just think you are i dark room and you are opening one door which leads you again to dark room and so on.
It will feel very uncomfortable in the starting but within 5 minutes you will not even know when you just slept.

Listen to light music or sleep sound

In this modern world there are lot of stress in life and some sleeping music and devices are designed the way to make you sleep
You can either listen to your favorite music or you can just take the help of sleeping device which will give you frequency to your brain to sleep


Environment plays a very important role in your sleep cycle. even very small changes in surrounding will allow you to sleep good.

1- Lower all the noises possible, Do not be lazy to close doors or windows if you have some sounds from outside. However if your partner Snorts then of course you cannot throw them out of window.
So in this case you can give them anti snorting device.
2- Do not completely close the windows , let some Fresh air come inside as it will help you to sleep faster
3- Make you bed comfortable, always buy mattress which are healthy for your spine and at the same time will make you comfortable.

We have suggested few Bed mattress here which are designed in these ways.

1-Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress -Mattress which provides comfort and firmness, The mattress provides both Soft and firmer sleeping surfaces .Very good for sleeping

2-Sunday 100% Latex Mattress-A luxurious mattress which will give you 5 Star sleeping comfort with 8 inches of Latex pleasure

3-Livpure Regal 8– Regal mattress is the smart new way to a luxurious sleep.The 6’’ HR foam makes up the supportive base layer which will provide a good support to your back as well.

8-Cold environment for sleeping

Ever wondered that cold office makes you sleepy?
Research have shown cooler temperature is very helpful in getting a deep and better sleep
And nothing can match the combination of cold room and warm blanket.
The science behind it is that when we approach sleep phase our body temperature drops little bit and stays lower until you wake up.

But at the same time the best temperature is not the same for everyone as everyone so you have to find a comfortable temperature for yourself.
For better results you can take a warm shower before sleep, it will relax all your muscles and will give you a baby sleep because of temperature as well.

9-Write it away

If you also think about or future on bed or worried about your meeting in office then just write it on a paper and put it aside.
First of all studies shows that writing down or sharing problem makes you calm
Second it will make you avoid thinking those things again and let you sleep.

10-Take Melatonin supplement

Melatonin is sleep hormone which tells your brain when it is time to sleep and relax. Supplement of melatonin are very good for sleeping.
Just take around 1-5mg Melatonin before 60 minutes of sleeping and you will see results.
In general Melatonin have no side effects and you can buy it online as other heath supplements.

Acupressure for sleep

Acupressure for sleep

However there are not complete science of acupressure for sleep but still there are no side effects of acupressure and the results are promising on people.
It will not help with Insomnia, just in general if you are not able to sleep.

Face up your palm and count three finger width from wrist.
Apply very steady down pressure and give a circular massage until and unless you will feel that muscles are relaxed on that point.

Best Exercise if you are not able to sleep

Tighten your forehead muscle by raising your eyebrows for 6 seconds.
Drop the tension and wait for 10 seconds.
Smile widely to give tension to cheeks and again wait for 6 seconds.
Drop the tension and wait for 10 seconds.
Move your head slightly back and relax your neck into pillow.
and let all your body relax for sleeping good

Frequently asked questions.

1-How much should I sleep at night?

The average and healthy time an adult require to sleep is 7 to 8 hours.
Some people also sleep less then 6 hours and feel completely fine but for a better mental health 7 to 8 hours are recommended

2-Should I take day naps?

Taking day naps are not bad if they are organised and not more then 30 minutes.
However if you have insomnia then better not to sleep on day.

3-What is the best position to sleep?

There is no particular best position to sleep , it all depends on you in which position you are comfortable.

4-How should I stop snorting?

Snorting is a big problem sometimes, If your partner is snorting then just change his position a bit and it will be fine.
However you can also present him with Anti snorting device which will stop snorting in no time.

5-How less sleeping will effect me?

Sleeping less can effect your mood, concentration. Long term sleep deprivation can cause Blood pressure ,diabetes ,heart problems and strokes.

6-How many days i can normally work at night shift?

Working in night shift is not good for your health at all and it can decrease your life span.
However if you have to, then we will suggest you to take a break of 1 month after every 6 months.

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