Hairstyles for Indian men

Top 10 hairstyles for Indian man

Hairstyle for Indian men are generally very aware about there hairstyles and latest trends and frankly speaking much more the western culture.

Hairstyle always depend on the shape of face so we have all the hairstyle which can suit face of every kind so that you can pick the best one for you.
If you have some hairstyle in your mind but you do not know how to explain it to your barber then we have your back.

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Here we will tell you top 10 Hairstyles for Indian men which you can try right now

1-Flat Top Haircut

Flat top haircut

Flat top will be undoubtedly the most trendy Hairstyle for Man in 2021.
The sides will be light and up will be dense. Just ask your barber to be careful with layer sides and best thing will be to show him this picture

2- The Guy Next Door Hairstyle

Guy next door haircut

A very fresh haircut for man to give you the descent and business class look, undercut is too overrated now so maybe you should change your hairstyle now and change to Guy next door hairstyle

3-Long Hair of John

Long hair of John

Long hair are hard to manage but will never be old fashioned, remember the John Ebrahem look in Dhoom, the same look you can try once again if you are manage to keep long hair.

4-Medium Length Haircut + Mid Fade


So here we come with the undercut option with all your hair back and classy small hair from sides

5-Pompadour with Shaved sides

Pompadour with Shaved sides

Hardik Pandya is always being classy in terms of hairstyle, so you can catch this hairstyle also and look trendy.

6-Side cut Hairstyle for Men

Side cut of Amit Sadh

Many Bollywood actors have tried this haircut including Ranveer Kapoor but personally speaking we believe Amit Sadh have achieved actual perfection in this in movie Sultan but this style will be on trend in future as well.

7-Textured Haircut for Short Hair

Textured Haircut for Short Hair

For this you do not need long hair, if you have semi straight hair and hard to grow longer then go for this haircut to give you hunk look

8-Slicked back modern undercut Hairstyle

Slicked back modern undercut Hairstyle

Our favorite one but you need to have long hair for this one, but if you are ready to use gel then this haircut is dope and you will be a star in your company.

Here is the list of best hair gels which you can buy in Indian markets.

1-Set Wet Cool Hold Strength Hair Gel– With Pro vitamin B 5 for stronger hair it will give you the exact look like this.

2- Gatsby Water Gloss Hyper Solid– Easy to wash off hair gel which will give you a long lasting experience.

3-Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Flexwax-The hair gel which will provide you the desirable hairstyle without making it stiff.

9-Curved Fade with Curls

Curved Fade with Curls

Having a curly hair is sometimes very messy but at the same time it is cute as well, You just need a good undercut for your hair and this undercut will be the best suitable for you.

10-The Razored crop hairstyle

The Razored crop hairstyle

If you think this is old fashioned and just for old people then believe me you have to be up to date , this hairstyle for man is back in trend again for some specific look

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