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Now a days there are lot of talk going on about collagen . You can see a lot of skin
care products in the market which contain collagen and also there are a lot of
advertisements on collagen for skin benefits supplements as well. So now I am going to give you all the details regarding collagen and explain how
much it is important for your health and to take care of your skin.

What is Collagen ?

Collagen is basically a protein which is made from 3 amino acids which are glycine,
proline and hydroxyproline. They form a triple helix structure which combines with
other collagen molecules and forms like a mesh network in the dermis layer of our
skin , the dermis layer is beneath the epidermis and above the subcutaneous fat.

So Collagen is basically responsible for our skin’s elasticity , structure and strength.
Collagen is also present in our bones, muscles and tendons which makes them stronger.

Main Goal of Collagen in our body

Collagen for body

Collagen basically gives strength, toughness , rigidity and elasticity. But the
problem starts when collagen begins to degrade in our body this can cause wrinkles
,pain in joints , muscle weakness and stiff tendons and ligaments. Some people also prefer taking Mesotherapy for wrinkle less skin.

How do we lose Collagen?

Collagen levels start to degrade in our body with age and it depends on our
genetics how fast the degradation happens. Our body loses collagen every year but
some of the factors can increase the level of breakdown of collagen. Those factors include

  • Poor diet – Eating too much sugar and carbs interferes with collagen abilities to repair itself
  • Smoking – Smoking basically reduces the production of collagen which can basically lead to the formation of wrinkles
  • Exposure to too much UV rays- UV rays can reduce collagen production.So try to stay away from sunlight as much as possible.

So we need to find some ways to increase the production of collagen in our body .

How to increase levels of collagen in our body?

1-Maintaining a healthy diet

Diet for collagen

Eating healthy diet and consuming protein rich foods can help our body to produce
more collagen. Consuming a diet with whole foods like vegetables , fruits ,
beans , lean meat , nuts and seafood. Natural Food Sources for Collagen
*Chicken and Meat contains large amounts of collagen

  • Bone broth is a rich source it is basically made of boiling the bones of the chicken
    *Gelatin as it is basically cooked collagen so it is really rich in amino acids

2-Use of anti- aging creams and serums

Anti aging cream

I have seen most of the women who are in their 30s are embarrassed to buy these kinds of
products as they feel they are not that old to be using anti aging creams.
The thing is using these products does not make you old. The main point is we
really need to start taking care of our skin if we want to look younger and fit
for a longer period of time. As these creams contain retinoic acid and retinol
and they stimulate the production of collagen for skin benefits and also glycolic
acid and peptides can trigger the formation of collagen. So applying these
creams can be really helpful.

Best anti aging creams to buy in India

Olay Anti aging Day creamAccording to experts there are 7 signs of aging and this cream fights all of them at once. It moisturize your skin as well and give it a good texture

POND’S Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector– As the most trusted brand in India Ponds provide a very good option in anti aging section. It has very good reviews and it turns out to be very effective on Indian skins.

L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfect-The product by World famous brand Loreal in an affordable price.This works as sunscreen as well and have satisfactory results .

3-Use of Sunscreen


Applying sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 can be really helpful as sunlight exposure is
harmful for collagen production

Here are some best Sunscreen you can use.

VLCC Anti-tan Sunscreen LotionNon greasy cream with SP 25,It protect you from UVA and UVB rays

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock– SPF 50+ Protection which will make your skin soft and smooth.

Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 Sunblock– Cheapest and best Sunscreen available in Indian market,Easy to use and suitable for all skin types

4-Having Skin Massages

A few studies show that regularly massaging your face produces procollagen-1 and
also enhances the benefits of anti aging creams and serums

5-Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements

You should consult your doctor before starting to have supplements for collagen but
mostly there are no side effects . You can put the collagen powder in your
smoothies or coffee and if you are taking tablets you can just have it with
water every day . Recommended dosage according to your age can be
found written on the box of the collagen powder or collagen tablets for skin benefits . Most of the
studies show this is an effective way to increase the levels of collagen in your body.

Supplements of Collagen for skin Benefits

Most used type of supplements are Gelatin and Hydrolyzed collagen

●Increase of Muscle Mass – Most of the men who are into gym and want
to have muscles , use these supplements as collagen helps to
strengthen the muscles and also increases the mass of the muscles

●Skin Elasticity – Women who have used collagen supplements have
reported on having a better skin with less amount of wrinkles and lines.

●Arthritis – They can help the patients who have arthritis as collagen makes
the joints and bones strong and also reduces the pain in the joints .

6-Applying collagen creams and oils

Most of the pro collagen creams claim that they reduce the wrinkles by
smoothing them as they contain synthetic collagen that keeps the moisture into the skin.

7-Medical Treatment

You can consult your dermatologist to have a procedure to increase the production of collagen
and improve the appearance of your skin . These procedures include lasers ,
microneedling , use of radiofrequency and fillers. You can consult with your doctor which procedure is better for you.

Side effects

Usually there are no such risk factors in using products which contain collagen.
Before starting to have any supplements you should have all information about it
and consult your doctor as well as if you are allergic to eggs or fish , you can
have allergic reactions when you consume a product which is collagen
derived from these foods.So please do a well study before starting to take any product.


Collagen is a very important protein and helps to make structures for many of our
body parts and we can even produce this protein by eating certain foods but at times
supplements can be beneficial too . Supplements can basically improve the
quality of the skin , muscle function and reduce pain in joint arthritis.

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