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Today we are gonna talk about the best and affordable whey protein to buy in India.
Protein is an important part of bodybuilding as it helps in getting enough muscle mass which is very hard to get by other sources

As in Indian markets, there are lot of fake protein ,so we will also cover the factors which you should check in that protein so lets start with best whey protein to buy in India




The first thing which you should check in whey protein is that how much percent per serving protein is present.

It will tell you that how much protein you will get from 1 serving of that protein powder

On the nutrition level page you will find that very easily
The more percent of protein present the more quality whey protein is.
It should be at least 20 to 30 grams per serving for good result

2-Ingredient Hierarchy

It means Ingredient should be listed in increasing order For example if the carbohydrates are mentioned above protein in Ingredient list, then it means that your packet contains more carbohydrates than protein

The isolate whey protein always contain more amount of protein than concentrated whey protein and very effective in weight loss as well.Check our article for Most effective 7 Days plan for weight loss for the full diet plan of 7 days steps by steps

3-Vegetarian or Vegan protein

It is a myth or I should say it was a myth that a vegan bodybuilder cannot achieve the same goal as a non vegetarian bodybuilder

In markets there are lots of vegan proteins available which contains the same amount of protein as whey protein

Out of all of them, I strongly suggest Brown rice isolate protein.
There are studies which tell us that it support muscle growth and maintenance to the same degree that whey protein does

Do not be fooled by advertisements and market strategies

Pro Tip – That is what our experts have noticed almost all the time that people after gym, take whey protein in milk mostly, regardless knowing what effect it had.
We will suggest you to take protein in water if you are taking it just after gym because the motive is to give your body energy as fast as possible and the milk will take some time to digest
So we will suggest you to take protein with water if you are taking it just after gym. Or you can take casein as well

So lets jump right to the list of proteins which are good according to their price and are available in Indian markets or on amazon
(We take the factors money and quality in consideration while researching these proteins and we try to get the balance of both)

Incase you just want the best whey protein and considering money factor then this article will be useful for you


Divine nutrition by Sahil Khan

1-The first thing we will like to mention that this whey protein contain Pro hydrolyze, What is pro Hydrolyze?
In simple words, it increases your ability to absorb more and more proteins.

2-The filtration of concentrated whey protein is far much better than any others in the market,you can even feel it when you will touch the protein quality by your hand.

3-It contains all vitamin, minerals and the best thing is that the scoop size is 40 gram which contain 30 grm of protein which makes it high protein brand.

4-It is new brand and basically till now we have not find fake of this brand in the market

5-It is available in all kind of flavors which are available in other brands as well

1-It is pretty much expensive protein which will cost you more then other brands

Price- 1kg-3059 Rs
2kg-5439 Rs



1-If we will talk about value for money, then believe me there is no whey protein out there giving this quality in this price.

2-The filtration is just fine, but for the beginners this type of filtration is really fine, If you are not Pro then we highly recommend you this protein

3-To this brand as well there are less fakes available ,but still we will suggest to buy from an Authorized source.

4-Basically ,it is British brand and they really keep their quality on good level.

5- Available in all flavors , even flavors like Humbug (like come on who in this world use this flavor).

1-Protein 21grm per serving
2-Not for Pro body builders
3-Specially Blueberry flavor has some problems in dissolving in water or milk

Price -1 kg-2730 Rs
2.5 kg- 5698 Rs


ON Whey protein

We know many people will argue that why it is at number 3 but as we said we combine quality and value for money to choose best whey protein to buy in India for you.

1-Favorite of all the bodybuilders out there, including our Guru Mann ( Whassup guys this is Guru Mann)

2-Contains 24 grm of high quality protein with very fine filtration

3-It also has 4 grams of Glutamine and Glutamic Acid and 5.5 grams of BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine).

4-Easily digested protein

1-Very slow results, By the reviews of users we came to know that the results are too slow by this protein.

2-Market is full of fakes of this protein, infact we have noticed in every 10 protein we bought atleast 3 were fakes

Price-1kg-2773 Rs
2.27 kg- 5389 Rs


BSN Syntha 6

1-Many people prefer this protein because of 6 different protein sources which give it an extra edge and make it among best whey protein

2-It contains 22 grms of protein and 200 calories per serving.

3-Fibers and protein are combined perfectly.

1- Sugar is added to this
2-Non key ingredients present ,which are not mentioned.
3- Very slow digestive protein so not the best for lean muscles.

Price-500 grm- 1227 Rs
2.27 kg- 4269 Rs


MuscleTech Nitrotech

Pros– This brand came with the most powerful protein formula ever, with a combination of carrageenan.

1-Contain 30grm Protein per serving which is very very high.

2-Contains Creatin as well.

3-Very good for people who need bulk with muscles.

1-Not suitable for lean body muscle at all.
2-High cholesterol.
3-Inflammation properties present.

Price-1kg-2799 Rs
1.81 kg- 4239 Rs

So here is the list guys for Best whey protein to buy in India , our experts choose these products by checking all the aspects.

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