Best exercise Home cycle in India

Best exercise Home cycle in India

Are you also searching for exercise Home cycle to buy in India, then you are in the right place as according to studies cycling is the best cardio exercise and it will make you sweat without harming your Joints. As Indian roads are generally not very comfortable for cycling so here we comes with Best exercise Home cycle in India which will provide you best result.

In general 30 minutes cycling on moderate speed of 12 miles/hr will burn 300 calories which is very easy and convenient to do and after corona virus it is a very good way to be healthy and safe at the same time and even if you are a bodybuilder then this machine is must to present in your house beside Whey protein. Check here our top 5 picks for Best whey proteins to buy in India

If you will ask that is Cycling better the running? Then answer is YES, Running will sweat you out more but long term running on treadmill is not good for your Joints and second treadmills are generally more expensive then Exercise cycles

Loosing weight is a gradual process, it is not a 1 week or 1 month process, it will take some time to see results and this fundamental works with everything However if you have to attend some party in just 7 days then we have your back. Check Our 7 DAY DIET PLAN FOR WEIGHT LOSS

Basically there are 3 main types of exercise bikes- Spinning, Recumbent and Upright

Upright is the most basic exercise cycle which are very good for average workout. These bike are budget friendly and will take less space

Spinning concept is flywheel concept in which resistance is made my air. This is most close to the actual cycle on roads.

Recumbent bikes have the back rest which is the most comfortable one .Note good for intensive but very good for long term exercise as it will give you most comfort with support on your back.

So lets jump to the list and we will tell you Some best Exercise home cycles in India



A product by well known fitness company who is well known for its quality products.
The Cycle comes with digital monitor which will calculate calories, time, speed and distance and will lead you to various calories burning options which will make it first in Best exercise Home cycle in India.
Everything is adjustable and it is easy to transport because of wheels in front base.


Have seat socker system for much comfortable experience
Easy to assemble
1 year warranty
Can bear lot of weight upto 120 kg


Does not contain back seat which is sometimes bother you if you are cycling for a long time
Saddle is not very tall which can be sometimes uncomfortable



This is not a machine just for legs or calories it is basically full body workout
Specially designed for crossfitters this Air bike will give you complete body workout .Very affordable in price and completely comfortable for a long term Exercise cycling


Comfortable seats and positions
Will give you full body workout
Led present to provide you all statistics


Just people with above 100kg cannot use it

3-Kamachi OB-328 Orbitrek Multifunction Exercise Bike, Dual Action Handles

Kamachi OB-328 Orbitrek Multifunction Exercise Bike, Dual Action Handles

The combination of Cycling and CrossFit this machine is a very good combination of that. Will not gonna hurt joints and very effective in burning calories.
Workout at different levels and LCD is present to track your calories. The body is made up of heavy metal
This machine came with Lifetime frame warranty. So basically it is a good deal and deserve to be in Best exercise Home cycle in India


Again affordable
No back support needed
Warranty is a good option


For overweight people above 90kg the balance is hard to maintain

4-LIFE FIT Fitness Upright Bike

LIFE FIT Fitness Upright Bike

Life Fit is perfect and comfortable exercise cycle, it comes with adjustable seat and if you are planning to do a long exercise then this machine is definitely for you.
And with time when your muscles will get developed then you can increase resistance and achieve your fitness goals.
The LED will keep an eyes on your speed , time ,calories, distance.


Very comfortable cycle , you will not even realize that you are exercising
Good ratings
1 year warranty


Little costly but worth it

5-Lifelong LLF54 Fit Pro Stationary Exercise Belt Bike

Lifelong LLF54 Fit Pro Stationary Exercise Belt Bike

With no extra charges for installation it will be delivered all over India. Soft pedaling with very less noise.
The Exercise cycle has magnetic resistant system, designed to make you fit and help in fat loss fast.
The seat is adjustable which is ideal for all height people. With 1 year warranty it is a perfect deal to grab in very cheap price.
You can check calories,time,distance, speed with the LCD monitor with it


1 YEAR Warranty
Will take minimum space
Budget friendly


Not very comfortable for people above 90 kg

6-Dolphy Exercise Spin Bike for Home Gym

Dolphy Exercise Spin Bike for Home Gym

For overweight people who are above 100 kg this is best option as this exercise cycle is designed to serve people upto 150kg.
You can do cardio or resistance as well by this. With a multi-grip handlebar and fully adjustable seat, this indoor cycling bike suits most users with different heights. The adjustment range of the seat height of the exercise bike is 65 – 75 CM (the height from the ground)
The phone bracket option will allow you to enjoy exercise while watching movie or listening to songs.
With all the positive points available this cycle for exercise is highly recommendable if you have a good budget.


Steel frame with very good design of machine
Heavy duty
Several options of running and will give you complete muscle exercise


No cons found till now

7-Klikfit Indoor Stationary Air Bike

Klikfit Indoor Stationary Air Bike

The complete body workout machine which will help you best to reduce your all over fat. It contains mesh belt transmission mechanism which will help it to make least noise.
The resistance present in it will provide better experience of exercise


1 year warranty
Adjustable seat
LCD to measure all your activity


If you are planning to do exercise for a long time then it can be little uncomfortable for you

8-Evolution Fitness Commercial Magnetic Spin Bike

Evolution Fitness Commercial Magnetic Spin Bike

What a beauty it is, although it is costly then others but this bike completely worth that. The bike which will give you all the experience like riding a bike on the road.
Contains all high quality bearings and leather. Very smooth and quit bike with Magnetic driving system imported from Germany. So if you are ready to spend some good chunk of money then this machine is for you.


Very durable and high class material
Transportation wheels for easy portability
Infinitely adjustable breaking power


Just little bit expensive then others

9-Mini Pedal Exerciser or Mini Pedaler

Mini Pedal Exerciser or Mini Pedaler

The perfect Exercise for Home, gym and office. It is best option for you if you have very tight schedule or just do not have enough space.
Completely portable machine with compact design embedded with Anti-scuff rubber feet so that your floor will also be scratch free.
It can be used for both legs and for hands as well and will also helpful for old people as they can just adjust it according to there comfort.


Very adjustable Home cycle
Take less space
Very Economic
Led present reading your activity


Suitable for short term exercise approximately 20 minutes.
If you goal is to loose lots of weight then it is not recommended.

How to use the exercise cycle

Put your legs on the pedal and strap your legs, place your hands on handle and keep on cycling as a cycle however you do not need to make balance while cycling.
Adjust resistance by using button and or Knob, You can increase or decrease it while doing exercise as well. Make your back straight and keep on checking your heart beat time to time

What you should check while Buying Best Exercise Home Cycle in India ?

Resistance levels

Resistance level is an important factor which you should always check as it will help you always to reduce more weight. For better weight loss you need to keep it in mind that you are coming out of your comfort level and you have to challenge your limits. At the same time avoid training too hard in starting as you may get injury by this just keep it is mind that fat loss or muscle gain is a gradual process and long term goal which you have to achieve.

Seat of Bike

Comfortable seat is really a very important factor it doesn’t sounds like important but it is. Narrow seats are generally more comfortable then wide ones. If you will not find the seat comfortable
then we will suggest you to use pillow maybe or you can buy another seat

Maximum User Weight

Every bike has its own user weight which you should always check and keep it in mind. You can even harm yourself by this so always check your weight and then maximum user weight of bike

Warranty and Service

if you are investing your money on something then we will suggest you to have some warranty.
Generally all the exercise bikes comes with 1 year warranty few brands also provide with 2 or 3 year warranty as well.

Size and Mobility

Either ways these bikes are available in all the sizes and you should choose it according to your convenience. If you do not have lot of space then you should choose paddle bike.


Magnetic resistance cycle do not have any kind of noise. However the other type of cycle also do not produce lot of noise.

Benefits of Exercise Cycle

1- Weight loss

It is perfect way for us to burn more and more calories. For house wife women it is best option.
You can easily burn nearly 700 calories in a comfortable way

2-Muscle building

Exersize bikes are not just for leg muscles but for overall body. Just have high resistance and keep your goal to maintain your core muscles.

3-Healthy heart

It improves the blood circulation all over the body. The cardiovascular exercise will make your heart muscles stronger and will give you a healthy lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1-Cycling or Treadmill?

If you will ask which can burn more calories the answer will be treadmill, but it is more riskier then exercise cycle because it effects your Joints very badly. With exercise home cycle will be a steady weight loss procedure.

2- Can Home cycle reduce belly Fat ?

Yes, Home cycle will reduce your belly fat as well. Basically scientifically it is not possible to reduce just fat of one part of body but Home cycle will reduce complete body fat.

3-Which is the best exercise cycle ?

Our Best exercise Home cycle in India award will go to with all the fitness options and comfort

4-For how much time we should do cycling?

30 Minutes is recommendable for cycling by experts with no further side effects.

5-Is cycling just for leg muscles?

No, It is a big myth that cycling is just for leg muscles, however it is not true. We have discussed above different type of cycling which will tone all of your body.

Safety tips

1-If you are a beginner then start with low resistance as your body will need warm up first otherwise you will hurt yourself

2-Sit straight on cycle and keep your back straight

3-If you have any heart problems or Blood pressure problems then consult with your doctor before using the machine.

Be Safe and be Fit

So here is the list guys for Best exercise Home cycle in India , our Health experts choose these products by checking all the aspects which will be fit for you.

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