Best Inflatable Car Beds in India

Inflatable Car beds in India

Planning for long trips with friends and family? Then Inflatable Car Beds is the thing which you must have.
Either for Small nap or just to have comfortable moments with your loved ones. If you have elders and you have to take them for long ride then you must have Best Inflatable Car Beds .

Here we will discuss Best Inflatable Car Beds to buy in India so that you can decide either to invest in this or not.

Why you should have Inflatable Car Beds?

1- Soft and flexible which will make you comfortable.
2- Present in different shapes and sizes according to your car.
3-Specially designed for long drives so that you can just take a small nap.
4-Will take very less time to get ready.
5-Big enough to assemble few people.
6- If you are thinking about size then most of the beds are universal in size.

What precautions you should take while using the Car Air Bed ?

1-Please don’t make it touch cigarette or any sharp objects.
2-There are an air inlet, a black bung and a leak-proof cap in the airbed to avoid leakage.
3-Please read the instruction of electric inflator pump before inflating the air bed.
3-After 10 hours of inflation, a natural leak is normal phenomenon; please inflate it again for a comfortable use.
4-Please do not overinflate. Fill 90% of the air, which will make the mattress usable.

So lets Jump right to it and check Best Inflatable Car Beds to buy in India

1-AllExtreme Multifunctional Inflatable Car Bed

AllExtreme Multifunctional Inflatable Car Bed

Product Dimension -28 x 18 x 8 cm; 390 Grams (Best for small cars)
Made up of high quality PVC , It feels like soft feather.
It is a tear resistance fabric and will give you a luxuries experience. Compatible for most of car models and easy to fold and carry.
This Car Air bed includes 2 air pillows ,car pump and repair kit.

Block the noise of vehicle
Multipurpose use of Mattress, can be used on outdoor as well
Very compact product

Have to fill gas again after 11 or 12 hours

2-BK 10 Travel Bed Sofa

BK 10 Travel Bed Sofa

Package Dimensions 31.8 x 31.2 x 14 cm; 499 Grams (Best for SUV)
Easy to assemble and disassemble which is designed to give you comfort as much as possible.
A very durable Car Air bed which can be used as both in car and as camping as well, It take 120 seconds to inflate Inflating the mattress is extremely easy and convenient and makes those long-haul drives a lot more comfortable.
Extremely comfortable and 8cm thick, the car air mattress provides a relaxed surface to sleep on. Even during driving it will absorb and minimize the bumps and vibration.

Weight capacity upto 300 Kg
Applicable For More Than 95% SUV Vehicles
Can be used in Car and as camping also

No cons found till now

3-HSR Car Travel Inflatable Car Bed Mattress

HSR Car Travel Inflatable Car Bed Mattress

Package Dimensions 34.5 x 28.3 x 13 cm; 2.7 Kilograms(Best for SUV)
Perfect for camping, travel, festivals, surf trips and adventures inflatable mattress flat, wide and comfortable. Contains extra protection for children in the front.
This Car Air bed includes 2 air pillows ,car pump and repair kit and can fit on almost all the cars.

Load capacity is 300kg, ideal for adults
Hard and tough material

Sometimes get inflated very fast with more cold weather

4-PETRICE CARBED Car Inflatable Mattress Air Bed

PETRICE CARBED Car Inflatable Mattress Air Bed

Package Dimensions 49.2 x 36.4 x 13.7 cm; 2.49 Kilograms (Best for SUV,minibus and big cars)
Made of high quality PVC,Comes with car-powered quick-fill electric pump for inflating airbeds, 12-volt dc power plug for connecting to car power outlets

Suitable for long rides
Big in size which is suitable for big cars

Not suitable for small cars

5-Kawachi Car Travel Inflatable Sofa Mattress

Kawachi Car Travel Inflatable Sofa Mattress

Package Dimensions 30.7 x 30.4 x 12.7 cm; 2 Kilograms(Suitable for Sedan)
Will fit on various Brand model Cars, suv, mpv.
After fully charged air, you can close the door after the front seat adjusted for bed have squeezed effect adjustment to achieve highly consistent bed and space, tightening effect

Can be inflated in few minutes, double locking system will help in restricting filling extra air.

Small cable for pump
Little gap can be left between air bed and rear seat

6-HOME BUY Inflatable Car Bed Mattress


Package Dimensions 30.99 x 30.73 x 15.49 cm; 2.54 Kilograms

Very suitable for Outdoor activities and camping. Can bear upto 300kg. Provide very soft and comfortable trip. Equipped with Electric charger and 2 pillows

Best for long rides because of its tough stuff
Electric pump is very fast

Some people complain about the defaulter pump.

Advantages of Inflatable Car bed?

The Car Air Bed provides you comfortable environment for you and the inflatable elastic can reduce the vibration and bumpy during driving.
The internal flow can block the noise at the bottom of the vehicle effectively, which will make you have a sweet night.
Mattress has two separate sections to fit most sedans and SUV, which you can blow up one section you need to fill car backseat or cargo area when traveling.

Perfect for camping, travel, outdoor activities, home, festivals and so on.
If you have any old patient this bed can be very useful for them.
Best option if you have dog, as it is very comfortable products for dogs to sleep(we will suggest you to buy the better quality or PVC quality if you are looking to carry pets with you)

How to choose?

We will tell you the easiest Guide for you to see before buying the Car Air Bed.

1-Why you want to use?

Ask yourself this question that why you want to buy the car mattress.
Check if you want to buy for children or for adult because every product has different weight capacity.


This is the biggest problem which people face when they buy Car Air Bed.
Every Car Air Bed has different size and they fit on different cars.
So before buying you must check in description if it is suitable for your car or not.

3-Air Deflation Rate

The Air deflation rate of the Air bed depends on 2 factors the weight of person and the temperature. If the weight of person is more then Bed will deflate faster and if the temperature will be less then also deflation will be faster.
The best bed will be whose deflation time period will be 12 hours and which will have thick base as well.


Comfort is the main goal of buying the bed. In our list we have taken care of this point and we have suggested only those which are good in comfort.
The quality of Air mattress should be soft and not slippery so that you can easily take a nice nap

5-Construction Materials

Most of the Car air beds are made using TPU, PVC, or Oxford materials which are pretty tough materials. However we will suggest you to take one bedsheet as well which will give you more comfort


The base of the mattress is very important because it will help the matress not to deflate which is pretty important factor.


Compactability is important for the inflatable bed, because you need to fold it as well and need to put it in the back of car. However all the Car beds which we have mentioned are compactible

8-Good material

The Car Air Mattress should be durable and tough as well, it should be impact resistance for better comfortable experience.
Most of the beds are puncture resistance but If you find any puncture in product we will suggest you to return it or apply for exchange.

9-Air Chambers

It is very easy to understand – More the number of chambers in bed, more the bed will be comfortable.


Whenever you will buy the bed you will get few accessories with it. It will include puncture kit(In case there will be any puncture in future), Pump( Most of the time it will be electrical pump),Few of them also provide 2 pillows for comfortable experience.


Generally most of them come with the warranty of 15 to 30 dates .So in case there will be some problem in product or it doesn’t fit your car then you can just return it easily


1-Can 2 adults use this inflatable bed?

Answer- It depends on products to products because all products have different weight capacity. The bed with capacity upto 300 kg can easily can easily sustain 2 adults.

2-How long does it take to inflate the bed?

Answer- Many products claims that it takes maximum 2 minutes to inflate the bed with electric pump

3-After how long the bed will loose all Air?

Answer- In winter it takes generally 10 hours and in normal days it takes 12 hours for loose all Air from the mattress

4-How can you fill air in Car?

Answer- There are 2 types of Pump, manual and electric. Most of the mattress come with electric charger and you can just plug it to socket and it will be inflated.
However with manual you can just open the nozzle and and fit the pump. It is easy to fill air in both cases.

5-How to clean the mattress?

Answer- You can just clean the mattress by wet cloth, If you have vacuum at home then it will be also very good option. Do not brush it because it can do leakage on mattress.

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So here is the list guys for Best Inflatable Car Beds to buy in India , our experts choose these products by checking all the aspects which will be fit for you.

Please let us know on comments how you like them and if you have any question feel free to ask us is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to“Some links may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these However our experts have checked and researched each and every product before recommending it to our audience”

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